Lyric is on the right in photos. 

If you thought 9 years old was too old to be active, spunky and involved then you have not met Lyric. Lyric is a small female who does Boxer jumps and spins to greet her foster mom, loves her walks and lets her humans know when it’s walk time. She can usually be found right in the middle of the action, right near her people. This heartworm negative girl is healthy and precious.

Lyric likes to cuddle and snuggle up. She plays with her toys and gently tosses them into the air. She has very good manners and is so well behaved she has not been crated in her foster home. She goes to lay on her bed when told to do so and sits politely for treats. Lyric doesn’t currently live with dogs, cats or kids but we know she is dog friendly although she does just fine as the only dog in the family.

So, if you’re looking for a happy companion who is excited to greet you and be near you as much as possible, meet Lyric. Her joy for life can lift your spirits.