Life can be so hard sometimes. Force us to choose between caring for this loved one or that loved one. Lulu is, and has been, loved dearly for her 6 years. Long 5 to 7 mile long trail runs when it’s not too hot, splashing in the creek, singing along to a harmonica and falling asleep at her humans feet say it all. Having ABR help her find another family that will love her just as much softens the ache of a broken heart just a little bit. Lulu is ABR’s Honolulu and she’s coming home to find a new family.

Lulu is a beautiful brindle girl who appears to be on the small side for a female, and she is certainly fit and and in great health. She is up to date on all her vetting and takes Proin twice a day with meals. Many spayed females need a little help with incontinence after a while so that’s no big deal. Lulu is house, crate and leash trained but she is well behaved and is not crated in her home. Lulu adores the elementary aged kid and all the friends who visit and can play gently with them as long as they will.  She is not dog friendly.

Lulu loves her Kongs with peanut butter, car rides with the window down, getting petted and being part of the family. You can ease the ache of her broken heart and her owner’s broken heart by taking Lulu into your family and loving her with all your heart.