Lubbock is a good size white male who is the usual goofy 2 to 3 year old. He lives with 2 other Boxers and 2 elementary aged boys so life is good, very good. He stays near his Boxer buddies and his humans and is house, crate and leash trained. Like every young Boxer (and they are young for years) he’s working on waiting his turn for attention.

Many of our rescues come from a part of the valley rife with breeders and many of them are heartworm positive from lack of easy, standard care. Heartworm treatment has advanced and it does not have to be difficult or traumatic. ABR explains the options and helps with treatment, so Lubbock can continue to be a big goofy guy for years to come. He is a very lovable guy who is obviously dog and kid friendly. We don’t know if he has met cats.

Lubbock is a handsome guy who is pretty easy to live with. He likes being part of the family and going on walks. He’s a sweet, young, happy male that should be on your list for new family members.