When one of ABR’s most experienced foster parents says she really does not want to let this one go, it means it’s time to pay attention; London is one exceptional Boxer. So calm, even keeled, quietly confident that she would be an ideal therapy dog. Make no mistake, she is the alpha female for her pack of rowdy Boxers; but quietly, calmly, no drama in her maintaining order. London is a gorgeous white Boxer with brown spots and about 50 pounds. She was skinny as a rail, sick and couldn’t use her right rear leg and had a growth between her toes when she came to ABR.

Her rear leg is surgically repaired and the growth on her foot cost her 2 toes but that only made her more agile. She must be on strict crate rest until mid February to ensure her surgeries heal properly, but there’s no sign they won’t. Like many spayed females, London has a bit of incontinence that is controlled by regular medication. She is heartworm negative and fit as a fiddle at her 6 years.

London not only lives with a rowdy pack of Boxers, she also lives with a dog savvy elementary aged kid. They adore each other. She is sweet and gentle and loves to watch her pack from a perch on the stairs, or watch for squirrels in the backyard from her window. This girl, London, is very special. Tough, soft, intuitive, just hard to let go.