All Lilo needs is your love, your attention, a soft kiss, some kind words, maybe a soft brushing while you hold her close. She’s older, has a few tumors, doesn’t like dog friends much, but she loves her people. She’s been overlooked, like some old folks are, and she is lonely and depressed without a family for her to love and protect. Lilo desperately needs a family to love her and savor her remaining time. Nobody knows how long that may be, but it will certainly be longer and better with a family.

Lilo is about 10 years old. We’re not sure if her tumors are bad ones or just inconvenient ones. We know she is withering away without a family, without the noise and smell and warmth of a family. You know she helped one grow before they tired of her, put her out with little regard. She deserves better than that. She still has love and life and loads of kisses, and naps; she still has lots of naps in the sunshine waiting for her.

Lilo is a Silverheart, and as always, ABR will help with palliative care and support. Lilo may be with you a long time, or a short time, but she will be in your heart forever. She just needs one family to say I am yours.