Leo is already a stunning brindle boy with a black mask and he’s not even filled out yet. He’s near 2 years old and kind of shy, but the 2 Boxers hosting him are showing him humans are really OK, and it can be fun to play chase and roll around on the grass. We don’t know how he got the scar on his back, but he’s a healthy guy. He likes to know where his people are and is getting to be a pro at snuggling.

Leo is, or will be, an average size male at around 70 pounds. He is a big softy with a cute underbite. He has learned house rules and commands easily and is house, crate and leash trained. This mellow guy could just melt your heart. He’s gaining confidence but still needs slow, proper introductions to other dogs. He is dog friendly, but that hasn’t always served him well. We don’t know if he has met cats or kids. This big, beautiful, mellow guy really should be sleeping on your couch, with his head in your lap,

Leo was named by Terri Salyer in memory of the Old English Bulldog who could look through your soul with his loving eyes and gentle personality.

Thank you, Roberta Lowe, for virtually fostering Leo!