Sweet Leilani, Heavenly flower, Nature fashioned roses kissed with dew, And then she placed them in a bower. And so the song written for Leilani begins, but here we’ll place them in a Boxer. This beautiful, bouncy, fawn female Boxer is a smooth fit for this beautiful song from a new father to his new daughter. 2 years old, fawn with a black mask, a snaggle tooth, and a tongue that is ever present. She is nonstop happy and has the greatest expressions to confirm it.

Leilani is tiny and heartworm positive, but at her age and not symptomatic, treatment need not be stressful or difficult; ABR will guide you through it and help you with treatment; like an outrigger gliding into the beach. Leilani just has a joy for life and a knack for fitting in. She loves, loves, loves her people and is an easy, active pack member too. Kisses all around, and all around again. Leilani is housetrained with a dog door and leash trained. She has never needed to be crated in her foster home.

Leilani has the best wiggle butt anywhere near here, and her enthusiastic greetings can be a bit much, so bigger kids who can withstand the enthusiasm only. We don’t know if she’s met cats, so probably best not with all the curiosity and exuberance. Once she winds down she is a great snuggler, sigh. She is very dog friendly and happy as the day is long. You are my paradise completed, You are my dream come true.