This tiny 45 pound girl has a gorgeous flashy brindle coat that shines in the sun baths she loves. She’d rather be outside, in the sun, exploring nature and hunting for critters than inside. She has tremendous inside manners, and loves to snuggle up, but when she finally has the freedom to be outside, that’s a pretty strong pull. Abilene is about 2 to 3 years old and lives in a foster home with an older Boxer boy. She likes to give him kisses and snuggle up with him. She’s not much for playing yet, probably because she never had a toy or a playful buddy until now.

Abilene has learned the rules and commands very quickly. She has not had any accidents in the house and has not taken anything, like socks or remotes, that are not hers. She sleeps on her bed next to her humans through the night and willingly goes into her crate with a treat. She’s a pretty calm girl who likes to see what’s going on. She is heartworm positive but treatment with ABR’s help does not have to be difficult, and she like all of ABR’s rescues take heartworm prevention once a month to prevent new infections. All of our rescues from the part of the valley Abilene came from receive a course of preventive medication too.

It is likely Abilene spent her life before rescue in a cage with little human interaction, and certainly not as a family member. It is a testament to her and the Boxer spirit that she has become a solid family member so quickly. From forgotten to family really rings true when we watch Abilene and her peers make that journey with a smile and a wigglebutt. Abilene does not live with kids, although she has done fine with those she’s met and given her searches for critters, she probably would not do well with cats. She is ready to complete her journey to a forever family where she can watch for critters, take sun baths, go on walks, alert you to strangers at your door, and learn new things.