Irene Goodnight

Irene is a darling tiny girl who came to ABR from a shelter in West Texas. Judging from her stress and fear about getting into cars, she was probably taken to the shelter and abandoned. Everything about Irene is small — her body, her little face, her eyes: she is tiny for a boxer! She is almost at her ideal weight, which is less than 45 pounds. Irene Goodnight is probably about six years old and has clearly been used for breeding. Someone took the time to train her because she has excellent home manners. Unfortunately someone was also unkind to her as she is startled easily and shows some trepidation at coming through doors. Irene has not had one accident in the house, goes in her kennel when asked (although does not need to be crated), and does not bark. This sweet and gentle girl knows “sit” and will “hug” on command!

Slowly but surely, Irene is coming out of her shell in her foster home. She doesn’t play much with the other boxers in the home but she clearly likes their company. Although she doesn’t seem to enjoy going on extended walks, she loves going to visit the Australian Cattle Dog that lives in a chainlink fence down the street from her foster home — they are big buddies and Irene’s little nub goes crazy when he approaches the fence. She is very easy going with other dogs but would probably be fine as an only dog as well. We don’t know how she will be with kids or cats.

Irene is about as low maintenance as you can ever imagine for a boxer — she is perfectly content to be a lazy bones around the house. If she were allowed on the couch we would describe her as a couch potato — she loves to lay on any soft surface and basks in positive attention, especially having her head and ears scratched. She will do best in a home with a person or people who will appreciate her gentle, quiet nature and provide her a safe environment to continue to gain confidence. We look forward to finding this little doll the perfect home where someone will say, “Goodnight, Irene” and it’s sweet dreams only from that day forward!