Sometimes Boxer puppies can be a lot of work, requiring a lot of attention and direction. That’s because they are smart, inquisitive, a bit stubborn and love being near their family and fur buddies. Your reward for helping them learn and grow is earning a fantastic, loyal, loving, smart companion. That brings us to KeeKee. Our 7 month old female who already knows how to open doors; so she can be part of the family of course. Her experienced ABR foster parent describes her as a Beautiful reverse brindle (black with white on face, pink nose, white on legs, sleepy eyes. KeeKee is about 25 pounds and has not reached her full height. She is undernourished and you can see her ribs.”   He anticipates she will be an average sized female about 50 pounds or so.

KeeKee is healthy and strong and loves being part of the pack of 4 dogs in her foster home. She sleeps and plays with them very easily. She plays and snuggles with her skin kid and the other humans too. She is house and leash trained and is not very destructive as puppies go. KeeKee is very smart, very inquisitive and she needs not only a lot of interaction, walks, and playtime, but also consistent boundaries and firm, loving direction. She is not suited to being an only dog nor confined to apartment type living. While she is a medium energy girl, her drive to learn and explore is high.

KeeKee needs someone around to supervise her while she learns about her new environment, family, friends and boundaries. Those who have raised Boxer puppies can recall the excitement of learning new things together, the satisfied wiggles and kisses with the praise of getting it right. She is already good with dogs, cats and kids!  It really is a journey and one well worth the effort.