You know about 20% of Boxers are white but because they are not considered to meet “breed standard” set for dog shows, not many of them survived until recently. They certainly meet ABR’s standard and Kalley could be a grand champion in our eyes. She is about 4 to 5 years old and was a bit thin from stray days in the Houston area, but she has gained weight and is loving family life. She has a brown or brindle tail!

Kalley was a bit shy and quiet when she first got to her foster home. She is much more confident now. She is dog friendly but needs some time to be sure they are friendly and would likely do best with a submissive male. She lives with an older mellow Boxer boy and gets on fine. She is very good on leash (well, there may be a squirrel challenge) and she is house and crate trained too. She is heartworm positive but treatment does not have to be difficult, and ABR will help with it.

Kalley is a people dog; she loves being near enough for a pet and encouraging words. She adores people and the grandkids. She’s pretty easy and very sweet. She would probably do best in a house without a lot of hustle and bustle, with or without a dog buddy. Petting, praise, snuggles and of course some walks will suit Kalley just fine.