Kahuna looks bigger than his 45 pounds because of his big, square head; and that gigantic cone adds to the effect. This handsome little trooper came into rescue sporting a giant tumor on a toe that was surgically removed with the tumor. He’d love to sniff butts with all his house mates, but just manages to scoot them across the room with his cone. Thank goodness this 2 to 3 year old is mild mannered and steady because this situation could really be irritating otherwise. Kahuna has a beautiful fawn coat and absolutely gorgeous amber eyes.

Kahuna is in a foster home with several Boxers, one of whom is deaf; a small dog that runs the show, and cats that orchestrate it all. He tries to fit in and watches in bemusement while easily getting along with them all. He’s one who likes to know where his people are but not be underfoot. He is as affectionate as his giant cone allows and he is house, crate and leash trained. He knows his turn for treats and pets will come so he waits patiently.

This guy is kinda special. Confident but not cocky, inquisitive but in control, medium energy level, happy and even keeled. Yeah, he snores. He is heartworm positive but treatment now can be as easy as routine medication and ABR will help with treatment. Don’t let this guy slip through your hands, but then with that cone… Kahuna will be ready for adoption by June 1.