Still playful, bouncy and outgoing, our 8 year old Josephine is a terrific gal. She lives with little kids, a cat, a Boxer and an English Bulldog and does very well. She’s a bit dominant in the dog world but she and the Boxer run and play a lot. Fortunately ABR almost never places our female Boxers with other female dogs, so Josephine doesn’t have to face that dilemma. She’d be fine with a male or by herself.

Josephine is healthy and heartworm negative. She is a very pretty girl in her brindle coat with white toes and white chest, natural ears and cropped tail; and a snaggle tooth that complements her gray muzzle. She does well in her crate even though she probably doesn’t need it, and of course she is house trained. Fortunately she is an excellent walker because she loves her walks. Josephine knows several commands but waits to see if you’re really serious about it, so Boxer. She is happy to give you all the kisses you want.

This lady has lots of spunk and spirit left, and she knows when it’s time to slow down and take a nap. She is sweet and loving with her humans, and with her dog friends too so long as they know their place. Age and beauty do get some privilege.