There is one group of Boxers that tells you all you need to know about Austin Boxer Rescue. Our Silverhearts. They are the ones adopters walk past in shelters, the ones owners surrender to shelters because they are too old, too much trouble, don’t run and jump any more; the ones families have grown tired of. These Boxers have given a life of love and laughter and loyalty and deserve to be treated with love and respect and inclusion. ABR helps these Boxers heal from their loss, helps them find hope again, and helps them find a family that will love and cherish them until the end. Meet Jojo. One of our loving, sweet, goofy Silverhearts.

Jojo is a beautiful flashy fawn boy of about 60 pounds with floppy ears and white socks. He gets along with other dogs and with all kinds of people. No, he doesn’t run and jump anymore, but he snuggles and cuddles and makes his foster family laugh with his goofy antics. He loves bones and tries to hide them in the house. He’s still pretty healthy for a 10 year old guy, just slower with longer naps (like the old guy playing basketball at the YMCA). His naps often wind up with Jojo sound asleep on his back with his feet in the air.

He is, of course, house, crate and leash trained. Jojo is such a love and so happy to be part of a family again. He just needs to be part of your family, part of your life, close enough to comfort you and put a smile on your face, and get a hug and some pets in return. ABR provides ongoing support for our Silverhearts, and he will fill a hole in your life you only vaguely knew you had. Meet Jojo, an ABR Silverheart…