Johnny Diesel

I don’t know about you but I just want to kiss his squishy gorilla face. And those all-knowing eyes! Johnny Diesel came off the streets of Houston as a stray and calmly walked straight into a full-on family, dogs, kids and all. Didn’t take him long to find his spot on the couch. He’s not pushy, he fits right in with 2 resident Boxers, 2 little kids he could steal food from if he was inclined, and a busy schedule with his adults. If there’s another adventure afoot with his new clan, count him in, and he’ll choose shotgun in the car if he can.

Johnny has a stunning brindle coat even though he could use a few pounds to get up to his preferred 65 or so pounds, but good food will help him gain that weight and get his fine, soft coat back too. Running with his Boxer hosts and snuggling with his little people seem to be his favorites right now. He figured out the dog door, house routines, who’s in charge of what and where he fit very quickly. He’s not a fan of pushy dogs who don’t give him a chance for a proper hello, but then, who is?

Johnny has all the skills necessary to live with humans like crate, house and leash training, and (remarkably) he does not counter surf! He is 4 years old and heartworm positive, but ABR will explain treatment options and help with treatment. Treatment can be reasonably easy and does not have to be dreadful now. Diesel is a good protector who barks with some discrimination, not just willy nilly. He learns quickly, takes correction well and loves his family. What more could you possibly want?

Thank you, Katie Westbrook, for virtually fostering Johnny Diesel!