Izzy had a pretty rough go of it at first. She is now about 7 years old and was missing from her family for 5 years. They took her home from the shelter when she was found, but she did not do well with the cats who were adopted after she was lost. She has been with an ABR foster family looking for a forever family for a while now. She is a pretty girl with a squishy face who is around 45 pounds. She is heartworm positive and not symptomatic and like many spayed females, takes Proin each day. She has never had an accident in the house. As always, ABR addresses heartworm treatment with the adopting family.

Izzy is house, crate and leash trained; she does very well in her crate. She is fine on group walks, and does OK with her very experienced foster’s pack, but would likely do best as a single dog. Izzy loves helping her foster dad in his workshop and spends hours with him hoping for a ride to Home Depot. She will watch Boxer TV (looking out the front window) quietly when she’s not helping in the workshop. She only gets on furniture when invited and snuggling with her foster mom there is a special treat. Izzy is a sun bathing beauty when she gets the chance; but she needs to help her foster mom work in the office too. Her people seem to need her help all the time. She is very respectful of humans and takes direction well. She does well with older children.

Izzy would do best as an only dog with no other animals or with an experienced owner who can help her integrate with a submissive male. She is wonderful with humans and easy to live with. Izzy is now a Silverheart, available without an adoption fee and with ABR support. If you need help around the office, kitchen and workshop, Izzy is your girl.