You may have met one who has lived through hell and is still calm, confident and loving. You just know someone loved them with all their heart sometime, and that’s the memory they choose to carry. Well, Hurricane is that guy. Physically he’s kinda messed up, but you won’t even notice after a bit. One front leg is broken and can’t be repaired or amputated, he’s got buckshot all over, and more scars than a ninja’s practice dummy, and the biggest Boxer smile ever. We don’t know his heartworm status yet, but this 5 year old will just take whatever it is in stride.

He just pulled all the other dogs, 5 or 6 at last count in his foster home, to him; even the cranky JRT. He calms everyone down. He doesn’t live with cats or kids, but his demeanor and personality say he may do fine, unless it was a cat that left all those scars on his pretty white coat. He runs and plays and jumps just like all the rest, and oh how he loves that couch.

It’s not pleasant to imagine Hurricane”s past when you stick on all his physical issues; but it’s pretty nice when he snuggles up for a pet and a “good boy”. That’s really all he wants is someone to love him and remind him that life is good and he’s a good boy.