Hunk is about 3 years old and all legs, his owner sometimes wonders if they are all connected to the same dog. Hunk is coming to ABR to find a forever family without cats. Looks like he faked his cat test in order to get out of the shelter and into this great home, only to find more cats. Other than that little issue Hunk is a winner. He wears a classic fawn coat with a black mask, natural ears and cropped tail; the usual clown suit for a goofy, happy, lovable Boxer.

He is healthy, fully vetted, heartworm negative and attracted to laps. He is almost house trained but doesn’t have a dog door, and he shares his displeasure with being put in his crate and separated from all the fun by crying. He’s the usual nosy young Boxer who needs to see where everything is and perhaps taste it if he can. He loves attention, belly rubs, head scratches, bacon treats, you know, attention from his humans.

Hunk is still a hyper young Boxer boy trying to figure out how to make it all work, including his legs. He adores his humans and tries to do what they tell him to do. He is good with other dogs but doesn’t yet understand he can’t swipe their food. With boundaries, guidance, patience, love and activity Hunk can easily become a life-long companion. He’d do well with a fur buddy but don’t let him fool you, no cats.