If ever there was a name with a perfect fit, it’s got to be Hickory. Ol’ Hickory… Just look at that face and you can see so many adventures and memories. Ol’ Hickory is around 6 or 7 years old; young enough to keep you company and old enough to stay by you. His beautiful fawn coat and just-beginning-to-gray muzzle are distinguished. He’s a healthy boy although he is heartworm positive. As always, ABR will work with his adoptive family for treatment.

Hickory lives with an older male Boxer and a younger female Boxer and gets on fine with them. He likes to run around the yard and play with the female. He is terrific with his crate; going in is a breeze and he’s so quiet you could forget him in there. He’s house trained and not destructive and not really interested in toys. He needs a little training on leash, but maybe he’s remembering his Ol’ Hickory days when he was free and easy…

This sweet, gentle soul would do fine in most families, and would do well in an apartment with someone who needs a walking companion. Maybe he can share some stories with you.