Hailey has to be one of the sweetest dogs I’ve had the pleasure to know. She’s patient and just wants to be around people.  Someone said that because she’s blind if you spook her she’s going to whip her head around, and although it’s possible, not once did she do that during her stay. The only work that I’ve ever had to do with her is help her down the stair to go outside and help her find the water bucket. Other then that she will easily take a pill pocket or cheese for her medicine and eat all her food. But if you have other dogs I would recommend waiting around because there were a few occasions when they would decide to help her. She get along pretty well with other dogs but be mindful they might not appreciate the occasional bump when she’s up and wandering around.
She loves kitty’s and just wants to give them lots of kisses and will get easily distracted by them.
She will find the spot people spend the most time, like a couch for something, and that will become her favorite spot. She can and will get lonely sometimes but also really enjoys the quiet times and a good scratch.
Hailey I think would be a good and wonderful fit for any house, kids or otherwise, as long as you can understand that she is blind and does need help sometimes. You must be patient with her and she will be patient with you.
Oh. And if you can handle snoring. Because she does, in fact, snore.