Gus Gus

Gus Gus, now Mr. Howard, is coming back to ABR as his owner’s health will not allow her to keep him. This is her note about her good friend:

“I took Gus Gus in from ABR as a Silver Heart in October of 2017. He and his brother Gage were surrendered by his adoptive parents so that they could travel. I renamed him Mr. Howard. He is a very laid back boxer boy. He’s big and clumsy with huge feet and he plods along on his very arthritic legs with a happy look on his face. He is a good boy who just wants to sleep, eat, be loved, eat, sleep, be loved and eat some more. He has a nice thick brindle coat that appreciates a good brushing every couple of days. He lives with my boxer girl Tala and Tinkerbelle my Yorkiepoo. They get along just fine but are not above pushing each other out of the way to get all the lovins. He is quiet, loves to roam the yard and take short walks (less than a block) on a harness. He loves his walks but needs to be paced because when he’s done, HE’S DONE and he’s nigh on impossible to move once he sits. He has pretty severe arthritis in his hips and knees and is on meds to help with the pain. He is hardly any trouble and just wants to be near you 24/7. Don’t leave food out though because he is a thief! LOL! He willingly goes in a crate which is best if you leave the house but he has not destroyed anything in the house or had an accident.”

Gus Gus, or Mr. Howard, will join you with his bed, his harness, collar and medications. All you need is a big heart and a home; there is no adoption fee for ABR Silverhearts.