This little dude is named Gunner. He was skinny as a rail when he first got to his foster home but he’s beginning to gain weight appropriate for his age. That happens to be about 1 year old, and at 45 pounds now he’ll likely be a good size male around 65 pounds. He came from the valley where many of our rescues come from, and they are not treated very well there. Gunner is receiving the standard preventive for tick borne illnesses, he is being treated for a skin irritation, he favors one hind leg from time to time for no apparent reason, and he is heartworm positive and receiving regular, monthly heartworm preventive. All of this is why ABR rescues Boxers from awful conditions; to help them heal physically and emotionally and safely move from forgotten to family.

Gunner is learning how to play and act properly with other dogs from his host Boxer and foster mom. Dogs learn appropriate behavior at a young age through play and Gunner is an eager student who learns quickly. He is learning about tug and chase and snuggles and naps. He’s not sure about small dogs yet, and doesn’t know about cats or kids so far. He knows about humans and has learned he likes to be near his.

Gunner will be neutered in late December now he’s healthy enough for that, and treatment for Heartworms with ABR’s help should be simple at his age. He is already house, crate and leash trained and probably realizes he won the lottery because he is one happy, loving guy. Rather than a life in a cage being used for breeding, with no real family or friends, Gunner is almost ready to find his forever family and take over their couch.