This little bit of brindle is new to rescue and just beginning to get her feet under her and be comfortable enough to be herself. Fortunately she has a 2 year old skin kid to read stories to her, pet her and snuggle up all safe and warm. Kya is 5 years old with just a touch of gray on her muzzle. She is heartworm positive, as many rescues are, but treatment need not be difficult with ABR’s help. She is, as all ABR rescues, taking monthly medication to prevent additional heartworms.

Kya lives with 3 other Boxers and a Chiweenie and they all get along. She’s still a little hesitant to go into the backyard alone, but her love of a sunbath and a stroll around the yard with the oldest Boxer host help her overcome that. She loves a good rub and grunts her approval for things she likes. Kya is house trained.

This gentle little girl needs a patient, loving family to help continue her healing. It takes time, structure, love and reassurance to help her learn to trust again so she can blossom into the beautiful, sweet girl she is. It’s normal for her to be a little cautious as she makes all the adjustments in her new life. Are you ready to guide her in exchange for grunts, snuggles, smiles and loyalty?