Grandaddy was named in loving memory of Charles Carlisle, beloved daddy and grandaddy.

Granddaddy is a rather stately dude at his age. Flashy fawn coat highlighted with some well earned silver/gray dusting. Cropped ears at attention in the sun; probably looking for squirrels as girls are not “in the picture” any longer. He does look rather handsome with his tie and jacket though, don’t you think? He’s in pretty darned good shape at 65 pounds and 9 years old.

Grandaddy lives with another Boxer and they get along well. He is heartworm positive and not symptomatic, so at his age a good consultation with ABR’s heartworm specialist is in order; of course we’ll help with treatment. Like most his age he is not a high energy Boxer now preferring his spot in the sun; he doesn’t even get on the furniture. He is very good on walks and easy to wander about with. Like most his age he’s a little sore here and there, he’s had a lump or two removed, his dentist nags him about flossing, but life is good.

Grandaddy loves a good snuggle, some rubs, a brushing and breakfast is at 6:30, be warned. He loves to ride in the car with his head out the window and might even like goggles; who knows, he likes ties. He obviously knows how to be part of a family, probably one with older kids. If your life is a little slower, or you’d like it to be, Grandaddy can fit right in.