Definitions for Grace are varied, but beauty, unflappable resilience, and being chosen are foremost among them. ABR’s Grace is all of those and more. We’re not sure about Grace’s age as she was left at a shelter in Houston in a terrible state. She was bald from sarcoptic mange, so emaciated she didn’t even weigh 40 pounds, suffering from a severe cold and she was so weak she could barely stand. She has a long road ahead as she needs to be spayed when she is healthy enough for surgery, and she is heartworm positive but ABR always helps with treatment. We will know more about her long term needs as she continues to heal and grow.

Grace’s fur is growing back, she has developed a good appetite, and her little nub wags her appreciation as her foster family cares for her. The fight in her eyes never wavered as her Boxer spirit shined through. She is a gentle soul who has welcomed every human, dog and cat she has met and of course she loves the attention for being such a wonderful Boxer. She has excellent house and leash manners, and even though she did not know any basic commands, she learns quickly and takes correction promptly.

She loves her chicken jerky treats, car rides, leisurely walks, and naps. Sometimes the journey a dog takes with his or her foster family is so compelling, so consuming, that it not only transforms the dog but also the family and those around them. Grace has made a strong recovery thus far and her journey from forgotten to family has touched more lives than she will ever know.