Ginger is a strikingly beautiful flashy fawn female. She’s 2 to 3 years old, pretty active and in great shape. She is heartworm positive but clearly not symptomatic and treatment need not be difficult with ABR’s help. She is house trained and absolutely lives for her walks, and maybe her toys too.

She does OK with other dogs once they are properly introduced and she lives with a couple teens. She does not live with young kids but has greeted them properly when she’s had the opportunity. She does not like cats. Ginger is trustworthy in the house and even though she is not fond of being in her crate, she’s OK once she settles down.

Ginger likes to be active and is a high energy girl. She alerts her family to strange activity around her house and uses the dog door to investigate for intruders. Ginger would not do well in an apartment, but she would thrive with an active family that includes her.