Gilley is a young, tall, beautiful, brindle boy!  Unfortunately this sweet boy has already lived a very hard life. Once you get to know him it seems like he was once loved by someone, but somehow he fell in to the wrong hands. A good Samaritan rescued Gilley after seeing him weeks on end tied to a fence in a yard with a terrible make shift shelter, and day after day in the rain and cold. He was skin and bones, and had been beaten up on by another dog in the yard…and by the person who tied him there.
He is so grateful to be rescued and is a very loving dog.  He is eating like a horse and gaining weight slowly. He is more trusting everyday with other dogs and people, and you should see him be so happy to play with toys and sleep on soft beds. He is calm and easy to walk on leash, and good with other dogs once he knows they are not going to hurt him. He is heartworm positive, of course, but other than that he is healthy young boy who’s spirit is healing. He is ready to live the good life he deserves.