Ghost almost was one when he was hit by a car, but this loveable white Boxer boy is recovering more every day. That car banged him up pretty good but it didn’t dent his sweet, affectionate personality at all. His scars are healing and his limp is most pronounced on cold mornings; something many of us can relate to. This 6 year old guy is a survivor with a huge heart and lots of love.

Ghost is not a barker, and he is free to stay at home without being crated. He is, of course, house, crate and leash trained. He lives with 5 other dogs both large and small and is friends with all. He is heartworm positive, not symptomatic and ABR helps with treatment. Treatment does not have to be difficult now. He is not quite Mr. Underfoot, but he does love being close enough to his people for a good scratch.