It’s impossible not to smile when you see Georgia’s darling ears and how expressive she is with them! This 8 year old girl came from San Antonio where it seems she was fending for herself as a stray for some time. As a result she is very grateful for meals and a soft place to sleep, but is also wary about being approached by other dogs.

Georgia picked up the routine in her foster home very quickly and is house trained and crate trained. She thrives on positive attention and being petted and will soak up any bit of love that’s shown to her. She needs a strong pack leader to let her know that she is safe and also that she is not in charge. Introductions to other dogs should be done slowly.

As this peach approaches her golden years she would love a home where she can get plenty of rest and love. She does not need a big yard or a lot of exercise; she is fine to go outside on a leash to do her business and then go back inside and resume her lounging in a cozy spot. Her gratitude for being treated kindly is palpable and touching. Georgia will be an exceedingly loyal and affectionate pet.

Georgia was named by Marie Cloutier in memory and honor of the dogs of Bad Newz Kennels.