Evelynn Jo

Evelynn Jo is the perfect dog as she’s old enough to know all the rules and follow them but young enough to still play and have fun. She’s a spirited 6 year old fawn girl with a splash of gray and beautiful white markings. Don’t let the gray fool you though, she loves going for walks, playing chase, and wrestling with her equally playful foster brother. She is healthy although she is heartworm positive. ABR always helps with treatment and it isn’t necessarily difficult. She is your typical alpha female so any doggie companions will need to be submissive.

She loves her people and is very eager to please which makes training a breeze! She can get a bit too excited at times and jump on her people and she’s also a leaner, so it’s probably best that she not live with small children or people with poor balance. The jumping is something that can be easily corrected over time with training but if you’re petting her you can bet she will always get as close as humanly possible while leaning into you.

Like many in rescue, Evelynn Jo may have had to struggle for food. In her foster home she eats within 5 feet of the 2 other boys and she does fine, but both of them are submissive and mealtimes are closely supervised. Her foster mom is readily available for guidance and feeding in her crate is always an option. Evelyn tested OK with cats while in boarding but she has not lived with or met any in her foster home.

She’d make a good candidate for apartment living although she’s over 50 lbs (maybe 60-65) but she’s doesn’t need the exercise as much as she needs interaction. So daily walks and playtime should be perfectly sufficient to keep this girl happy and healthy.

Evelynn Jo was named by Melanie Cox in recognition of her generous Amplify Austin donation.

Thank you, Carol Eskew, for virtually fostering Evelynn Jo!