Emmy is a super sweet girl that came to ABR in pitiful shape from the Rio Grande Valley. Emmy, whose body tells the tale of her being exploited as a puppy machine, was covered in mange and pressure spots as well as being completely emaciated. Currently Emmy’s mange is almost gone and she is gaining weight thanks to regular meals and lots of treats. We estimate her to be 3-4 years old.

Currently we are addressing some medical issues with Emmy and she is not yet ready to be adopted. When she is ready, the ideal home for Emmy will include another dog (size unimportant but should be playful), a yard (she will not do her business while on a leash) and lots of love. She has not been tested with cats and she does not live with children although she has been gentle and sweet to the children she’s encountered while in foster care. Emmy is a total lovebug and is a joy to whoever she meets! Stay tuned for more about her when she is healed enough to be adopted!

Emmy was named by Leila Ramsey in honor of the family’s beloved Guinea Pig Emerson.