El Dorado

It’s taken a patient, persistent foster mom to search for El Dorado, but slowly, gradually this 2 year old is learning about being a Boxer as part of a family. He was a sick boy whose kennel cough turned to pneumonia, but he’s coming back from that. He has a perfect Boxer physique with a big ol block head on his white, skinny body. He’s gaining weight as he gains confidence and experience. He still prefers to sleep on hard surfaces but he’ll find a couch soon enough; Boxers always do.

This guy will probably be around 60 plus pounds or so, with a happy, goofy personality that is just now peeking out from behind his defenses. He loves his adults, is very appropriate with his pre-school skin kids, and is friends with his older Boxer sister. He does well in the house, in his crate and on walks as he is rather indifferent to dogs he meets along the way. He loves car rides and playing tug.

El Dorado has a gorgeous, soft, white coat with some brown spots and a brown patch over one eye that is highlighted by a black frame. He is heartworm positive but not symptomatic and ABR helps with treatment. El Dorado is just now blossoming from a life outside on concrete to life inside with a loving family. Transformations like this really are the heart of legends.