Ebenezer, Benny, is about 4 years old with a flashy brindle coat, natural ears and a docked tail. This poor, tall, handsome 4 year old guy is skinny as a rail at 45 pounds from fighting colitis. He should be around 65 pounds and will be by the time his foster mom gets him on the right track. He is heartworm positive but there’s a lot of time to treat that once he’s gained his weight. As always, ABR will explain the options and help with treatment.

As you’d expect Benny’s energy level is pretty low right now so mealtime and sleeping on the fluffiest dog bed available are his favorite things. He’s very good with all the animals in his home; big dogs, small dogs and cats. He is crate and leash trained, and actually house trained too even though his colitis causes an accident now and then.

Ebenezer is a gentle soul who doesn’t mind when the other dogs share his bed, even though he prefers his own. He’s easy going and well mannered. His interactions will likely pick up and include playtime with the others as he gains his health.