Earliana is a big flashy fawn female with an unforgettable face. An injured lip just adds beauty to her smile and lovely eyes. She’s a bit skinny, needs to be spayed, is taking preventive meds, and is heartworm positive like many of our rescues from the valley, but she is happy and healthy otherwise. ABR always helps with heartworm treatment.

Earliana is about 6 years old and very calm and accepting. She lives with kids and a small dog, and had another foster Boxer for a bit and she does great with all of them. She is very patient and loving. She barely noticed as a cat walked by while she was outside. She has very good manners and only jumps up when invited.

Earliana loves to go for walks and be where her people are. She’ll know how to cook soon from all the time she spends watching foster mom in the kitchen. She walks well with a Gentle Leader and is good with her crate. She’s a bit of a testament to the Boxer spirit and personality; being loving, accepting, calm and trusting after what was likely a less than ideal life before ABR. If you are looking for a calm, sweet, gentle friend, be sure to look for Earliana.

ABR – Earliana is looking for forever! from Katia Forero Photography on Vimeo.