Dusty is a big boy headed to 70 pounds or so as he fills out, but his head still fits very nicely in a lap. He has a very pretty fawn coat with a white chest and black mask, natural ears and cropped tail. He’s one of our guys who has needed some extra care and time in a loving, supportive foster home on his journey from forgotten to family. Some journeys are a little rougher than others but he is heartworm negative and very happy to be part of a family.

Four year old Dusty lives with a 20 pound dog buddy and 2 rambunctious kids in his foster home and gets along with everyone. He does well on his walks on leash and even got to go hiking off leash where he was very well behaved. He does well in his crate too. His energy level is gradually increasing as he gets more healthy but he can already clear a 6 foot fence with ease. But then he just whines at the front door to come back in.

Dusty is very sweet and well mannered except for the uncontainable exuberance when his family comes home or for greeting a friend. He is a Boxer after all. He has a little way left to go on his journey, but it’s not too soon to meet him and see if he wants to join your family for the rest of it. This big sweet guy is worth every minute.