You will have a very hard time resisting the charms and goofiness of Digby. He quickly earned a nickname of BFG (Big Friendly Giant) and needs to be reminded from time to time to please do not step on the kids, or the poodle. He readily complies and apologizes with many kisses. He’s only 2, so he must be forgiven. He really hasn’t had the time to figure out where exactly all those body parts are and what they are doing. This BFG has a handsome fawn coat, a natural tail in full wag mode, and floppy ears.

He got to visit with 2 other Boxers, an honorary Boxer (the wary poodle) and 2 elementary aged kids and everyone had a grand time. Digby really does add the Grand to any gathering. He loves to nap in his open crate and greet every dog and human with enthusiasm (sometimes greeted with Whoa, I don’t even know you yet!) But he is learning his manners and is eager to learn.

So, if you prefer your Boxers big, and silly, and absolutely loveable, Digby’s your guy. He may even persuade you that big and goofy and sweet is best.