Maggie and Winston

Maggie and Winston were born 7/21/15 and have never been apart since; they are a bonded pair of beautiful Boxers. One owner is no longer able to care for them, and the other is now so busy with life stuff that Maggie and Winston do not get the care and attention they deserve. They are young Boxers, not quite 3 years old, and they need a lot of walks and snuggles and adventures. They are both healthy and happy and love being together.

Maggie is the adventuresome one who fears nothing. Winston is more cautious, preferring to take it a little more slowly. These 2 are wonderful Boxers who get along with dogs, cats and kids according to their owner. They are house and leash trained and have not needed to be kenneled. They are not allowed on the furniture. They act like the lawnmower needs to die. Maggie loves water but Winston keeps his distance.

These two beautiful fawns with black masks, Winston and Maggie, Maggie and Winston, have been inseparable. They play and sleep together and always have. Boxers are always better in twos, and they don’t get much better than this young, well mannered pair.