Someone is just holding their breath for the next deaf, white puppy. You can now exhale. Dakota is here. Two years old, cute as a bug, 40 pounds and all lean muscle, and lotsa spots. Her nose is one big heart and her driver side eye has a black dot exactly on the bottom eyelid that makes you look twice. She’s looking at you to make sure she’s being a good girl and doing what’s asked.

This heartworm negative sweetheart landed in a foster home with a deaf 1 year old female, a hearing 1 year old white male, a 10 year old male and a 15 year old female. They have so much fun they even get the 10 year old to join in play time. Dakota has learned to take turns for treats, share the pets and hugs, and eat civilly near her packmates. Oh, and squeeze in or pile on for sleep time. She landed smack dab in the middle of the cold pool on her first run around the yard with the youngsters, and after being fished out, gives it a wide berth now. She is clearly dog friendly but not cat freindly.

She would do best with a fur buddy who can help her “hear” things. She does not do great on leash yet but she is improving; seems she must sniff her way through everything. She is house trained and can be crated so long as she can see her people. She does not do well when crated otherwise and a deaf dog’s shrill bark is not good for apartments. She is not destructive in her foster home, although she is a counter surfer, and is left with her pack for several hours a day with a dog door. She is sweet, loves touches and hugs, and tries her best to do what is asked of her. Your lap will never be empty again with Dakota. Unfortunately deaf dogs sometimes startle when awakened, so she cannot go to a family with young children. Two of ABR’s deaf alumni are certified helpers; one as service dog and one as a therapy dog who also excels in competitions.