Dakota is a gorgeous, white girl with black/brown spots here and there. She’s about 20 months old, very well mannered, curious, and very loving. She’s about 40 pounds, heartworm negative, healthy, spayed, with big floppy ears, a full tail that curls well past a question mark when she’s happy, and eyes that can search your soul. She just happens to be deaf.

Her foster family has fostered, and kept, several deaf Boxers so Dakota is not alone. About Thanksgiving of 2017 she joined a pack of Boxers who have helped many fosters gain their footing and move from forgotten to family. One of them is also deaf, and 2 of them are white and 20 months old. It helps to have a pack with olders and youngers who understand the body language, that she’s not being rude, that she can fit in like the rest. Dakota wanted human approval and contact too, but she was not sure how the humans would treat her, so she watched and waited. Many of ABR’s deaf rescues have been treated harshly, so Dakota is not an exception.

It has taken Dakota longer than most to trust her humans even though she learned to communicate faster than most. She is very smart and eager to do what is asked of her. She is rarely head shy or startled by sudden movement. She is a consummate snuggler and is always in a human lap or touching one of her hearing buddies. She very rarely counter surfs now, and eats with her pack without incident where they are each several feet apart. She is house trained with a dog door, and does well on leash after the first 5 or 10 minutes of sniff and search. She is dog friendly and has met kids properly even though she cannot be placed with young kids who may not understand her disability and accidentally startle her.

Dakota panics when crated, and although she may be trained to like her crate, it will take a long time and a lot of patience. Most young deaf Boxers do not do well in crates.

She is absolutely adorable, a favorite in her foster home. She is sweet, affectionate, obedient, a consummate Boxer who just needs a lot of patience, reassurance, love, somebody who is with her all or most of the time. Several ABR deaf alumni are certified service and therapy dogs, so maybe she just needs a serious job to do and a human to take care of.