Curtsy may only be 6 years old, but she’s a Silverheart nonetheless. You see, she has a bit of nerve damage on her right (passenger side) rear leg that may slightly affect her bowel control. She does fine in her crate for four hours, but really needs a potty break then; so, Curtsy would really do best with a dog door or a person at home with her. That’s why she’s a Silverheart. She is heartworm positive but ABR explains the treatment options and helps with treatment; it need not be difficult now.

Curtsy was probably not a house dog nor had she been exposed to many dogs before so coming to her foster home with an older Silverheart, a Pomeranian, a Frenchie, a Doberman and a 3 year old skin kid was quite an experience. She handled it well given some time and a safe place to watch and learn. The Silverheart was an instant buddy and she plays with the dobie and frenchie too.

She is house, crate and leash trained, with the noted reservations, and she does like to share the booty she finds on the counters with her newfound friends. She really is a wonderful lady who has no problem learning new tricks, like snuggling on a couch and watching tv.