Clooney has a very unique look with a flashy brindle coat, four white socks, a big block head and docked tail. He’s a bit stout and very strong, but gentle and loving with people. He gets a lot of hugs, pets and kisses that way. Clooney’s about 8 years old, he’s had a lump removed, but he’s heartworm negative and healthy.

That doesn’t mean he jogs and runs, he is more mature than that, but he’ll chase a ball for a bit and hunt around the yard. He moves very quickly for a bird or small creature, so be alert when you’re walking with him or it’s 0 to 60 in a heartbeat. He lived with 2 female Boxers until his owner passed away, and now he lives with a young male Boxer and 2 elementary age boys. He does well with all but he needs slow, supervised introductions to new dogs. He’s not the guy to take to dog parks or outdoor cafes as he just gets a little nervous. He’s not OK with small dogs and cats.

Clooney is house, crate and leash trained, and he’ll follow you from room to room to keep you near. He is a moderate to low energy guy inside but likes his walks. He is very affectionate. He could live with another dog with carefully orchestrated introductions that include crate time to observe the new environment, pack walks and a lot of supervised leash time. He can do OK with a submissive companion after introductions, but likes to be in charge so he’d do best as an only dog.