Some gals have all the luck, and some don’t. Classica’s had a pretty rough go of it but her luck changed when she got to Austin Boxer Rescue in early February. She was emaciated, had a yeast infection on her skin, a possible cataract on one eye and her teeth had been filed down. ABR can’t fix the teeth, but she’s gaining weight and the yeast infection is being treated and she doesn’t seem to be impaired by her vision. Through it all this 3 year old has been sweet and gentle. She is heartworm positive but ABR helps address that with her adoptive family and it can be pretty easy now. 

As Classica settles into her new life she’s learned it’s OK to chat a bit with her humans, like at dinner time, when she hears it’s bedtime, just to let you know it’s time to play. Happy chit chat from a happy girl. She is now house and crate trained and such a delight. 

Classica currently lives with a 2 year old Boxer and they get along just fine. She’s also fine doing her own thing and being with her humans; she really loves humans. She is crate and house trained. Classica’s not very big, but she is sweet as pie. She has a way to go, but her luck has turned. Do you want to keep her run of luck going?