Just look at the photo of this striking 2 to 3 year old! Wow! Cici has a beautiful fawn coat with an unusual black mask that highlights her inquisitive amber eyes. She has the temperament and demeanor to fill out the picture too. Sweet, loving, calm and a gentle walker. She’s an average size female at about 50 pounds who gets along with her 2 Boxer hosts very well. She’s had it a bit rough until now as she’s had some litters and her elbows have calluses from being kept on concrete for too long.

Cici is house, crate and leash trained and has wonderful manners. She likes to take naps in her open crate and chew on toys in there too. She doesn’t bark or whine and is just very easy to live with. If you’re looking for a young Boxer that will fit in your life, Cici is a great choice.