The shelter in north Texas said Ciara and her brother came in “severely abused”. Her brother was adopted from the shelter and Ciara came to ABR. Her previous owner filed her teeth down, making it more difficult for her to protect herself from other dogs and humans who abused her. She is in a foster home with many years of experience with injured Boxers and her companion is a big, gentle male Silverheart. He, Arlo, and her calm foster mom have gradually helped Ciara begin to trust and gain confidence. They came to ABR’s adoption day on June 16 where Ciara surprised everyone with her calm demeanor, welcoming pets and attention from children and adults alike, marking a major milestone in her recovery.

Ciara is a strikingly beautiful female with a dark fawn coat and just a splash of white in the right places. She’s somewhere between 3 and 5 years old and is house, crate and leash trained but she does not get into mischief when left out of her crate. She loves her evening walks where foster mom ensures she is safe with Arlo so they can enjoy their time. Ciara has gradually learned it is OK for her to go out through the doggy door by herself to sunbathe in the backyard, but this is after many walks around the yard with Arlo and mom. Trust and confidence are built one small step at a time with patience and support.

Ciara likes to be brushed and cuddle with her foster mom. She needs to eat soft food or have her kibble soaked but that’s easy enough. She has come a very long way on the journey from forgotten to family, and needs a patient, supportive family who understands structure is as important as love for her confidence. We can’t know all the things that remind her of her cruel past, so being attuned to her mood and reactions is very important. Seeing her greeting a difficult, new situation at Adoption Day and eagerly greeting new people brought tears to the eyes of many volunteers. Ciara is going to make that journey to a forever family.