Chloe G

Miss Chloe G has been known as Jewelz for the past 9 years after she was adopted from ABR. She is now back with ABR, looking for another family. She’s an average size female with a lot of spunk for her age. She’s a very submissive girl who lives with small dogs well, but is intimidated and picked on by large dogs. She is a velcro dog who wants to be near her people all the time. She is very people friendly.

Jewelz is house and leash trained but doesn’t do well in her crate for more than 3 hours or so, but she’s not destructive in the house. She loves to sleep on her bed on the floor next to her people. She’s healthy and happy, but sometimes situations change. So, once an ABR dog, always an ABR dog. She is about as family ready as they get.