This big boy is absolutely stunning. You just don’t find many flashy fawns with a mahogany color coat. And big ears like radar with coal black eyes and a black muzzle. Atlas is 4 or 5 years old and the king of his world; not in an alpha aggressive way, just in a confident “I’m OK” kind of way. He is heartworm positive, not symptomatic, and ABR helps with treatment that doesn’t have to be difficult now. We’re figuring out if he has an eye ulcer, Boxers sometimes do, and what’s best for treatment. He’ll be fine, remember “I’m OK”; he’s really comfortable in his own skin.

Atlas lives with some school aged kids who adore him, he wakes them for school with kisses. He is a dream on walks and shows only mild interest in other dogs and cats. He is crate trained and lets his foster mom know when he needs to go outside. He knows basic commands and is very happy to sleep with his humans or near them on his bed. He gets wiggle-butt happy when his people come home, but not jump-up-knock-you-down excited. He has not picked up anything that is not his in his foster home.

If I didn’t have so many Boxers I’d snap this boy up in a heartbeat. He loves car rides and doing what his humans do. He matches his energy level to his humans and is very observant. He will be neutered and have a Boxer lump or 2 looked at in late September, but this big, confident, beautiful boy is bound for greatness. He is one you definitely want to meet.