Here we have Charger. He never actually physically charges anything, but he puts a charge in his foster family’s smile all the time. This 7 year old gentleman is as sweet and smooth as they come. The kids love on him, he plays with the young male Boxer and then cuddles up with the older female Boxer for a good nap. Ah, the good life. He is a very handsome gentleman with a sweet droopy face and a big, broad chest.

He is heartworm positive but takes preventive every month so treatment need not be difficult, and ABR will help. He is crate and leash trained and loves kids and dogs. He has some odd potty behaviors that a doggy door would probably resolve; otherwise finding his spot and times may take some patience. It’s not uncommon for rescued dogs to have some unusual behaviors and reactions, so Charger is right in the mix. He takes direction and correction very well.

Charger only barks when the other 2 in the house send up a ruckus, but he doesn’t start it. He loves being near his people and his fur friends so he’s not a guy who can be left alone all day, he needs company. If you add this guy to your family you’ll wonder why you waited so long, it’s like he’s been there all along.