ABR rescues Boxers of all ages, in all conditions, from all over Texas. When I think of “rescued”, Boxers like Chappie stand out. He’s a bit older at around 7, he’s probably not been in a house, or been part of a family, or had many dog friends for all those years. He’s still a bit thin and just now getting over some gastrointestinal issues as he slowly learns the rules for being social with humans and dogs. Patient, persistent foster parents guide him through the process and calmly insist on proper behavior. He’s getting it, bit by bit, slow and steady.

This fawn boy has earned the gray on his face, and now he’s learning to earn the privileges that come with family life. He is, remarkably, heartworm negative. He can be very sweet and affectionate and does fine with the toddler and female Boxer in the home with supervision and redirection. He does listen and his foster parents are gradually seeing more of his personality as he feels better and gets more comfortable with all the new boundaries.

Chappie likes to be praised and is paying more attention to treats as his health improves. He might be challenging, but he’s right in there trying to get it right. He is one of those who really needed to be rescued because he probably would not have come out of the shelter otherwise. With the patience and guidance of his foster parents and support from ABR, Chappie will have a chance to sleep on a couch someday, just like a Boxer should.