Niles landed in a special foster home that often cares for some of the most sick and injured of our rescues. His foster mom offered: “Niles has apparently been treated very badly in the past, but he is not holding any grudges. Even though he cringes when a hand is raised or when anyone moves too fast, he’s beginning to stick around and wait for the pets that are coming, and occasionally asks for them by politely offering his paw for a shake. He’s beginning to know that we’ll laugh, rub his ears, and tell him he’s a good boy.” And so his journey from forgotten to family is underway. His fur was brittle and thin, revealing many calluses from living on concrete for so long. Persistent skin care, and cautious love, are bringing back his coat and his spirit.

He’s been through a lot in his 2 to 3 years, but he’s a soft, easy going, soak up the love guy. There are big dogs, a small dog and cats in his home; he likes the big ones, doesn’t step on the little one, and fears the cats. He likes to amble around the back yard with the big Boxers, and watch the show from his spot on the couch. This gentle old soul is a low to medium energy guy; maybe because he is still healing, maybe because it’s just his speed, but he’s just fine. He is house, crate and leash trained.

He will be a flashy fawn boy of average size for a male when his coat has grown back. He doesn’t currently live with kids so we’re not sure how he does with them, but he is a gentle guy. He got kind of excited when a family of squirrels were chasing one another. There’s something special, almost spiritual, helping one like Niles heal and learn to trust so he can take the next step to a family that will love and protect him. He’s not quite ready yet, but he is so much closer than he was. Soon, he’ll pick his forever family.