Carmen Miranda

You can hunt as long as you want, but you will never find another Carmen Miranda. Keep searching too long and she’ll be gone. She’s had a rough time breeding puppies, but now is her time to shine and run and snuggle; and maybe do a Boxer burn and wigglebutt or 2. Don’t misunderstand, she was a good Mom, but enough is enough as the saying goes. She is a tiny, little Boxer and she is heartworm negative. Don’t let her gray muzzle fool you (it’s all those danged pups) because she’s only about 6 years old.

This little gem loves a good walk to say hello to her friends, some of whom she just met, but is delighted to get back home for some snuggles and quiet. Her small dog and cat friends at home prefer to say hello and then go their ways and she respects that. Oddly enough, she knows sit, shake, roll over, down and no and probably more, and she is house and leash trained. She has been so trustworthy that she has not been crated in her foster home.

Carmen likes to know where her people are but she’s not a velcro dog that has to be in your business all the time. She has impeccable manners and waits to be invited to snuggle. Just a warning, you will be inviting her often as she is a world class snuggler. She has great energy and loves to be in the backyard exploring and running. She loves car rides and having a bath. Carmen Miranda won’t be around forever, so now is the best time to meet her and appreciate all her charms.

Carmen Miranda was named by Ron and Susan Humphreys in loving memory of Carmen Miranda Humphreys, in hope that this namesake will bring as many happy memories as their girl did.

Thank you, Cindy McWhirter, for virtually fostering Carmen Miranda!