Carmen Miranda Cuatro

I bet you don’t know who Carmen Miranda was and have never seen her perform, so before we proceed, look her up on YouTube. Now you see why Carmen Miranda Cuatro was named in her honor and is the perfect girl for the part. This one year old is pure Boxer puppy with good manners. Even when she is being impolite by standing up to greet you she does it softly and politely, and then she’s off! Things to sniff! CM4 carefully pulled the toy box away from the wall and removed 15 or so toys before she found the perfect one to take with her to the couch.

With her soft fawn coat, black mask, white blaze on her nose, chest and white paws this girl is going to get attention; not fruit basket on the head attention, but still oohs and aahs, “can we pet here?” as her amber eyes take it all in. Carmen Miranda Cuatro is not very big but she has had a litter (there’ll be no more of that) and she is a healthy girl. She is good on leash, good in her crate, and probably house trained, or darn close. This little lady is a sparkler.

The cats in her house hold her interest for a second or two and then she’s off! There are other dogs and toys and humans and the couch and squirrel! This Carmen Miranda lights up a room and has all eyes on her just like her namesake. She’s smart, funny and delightful company.

Carmen Miranda was named by Ron and Susan Humphreys in loving memory of Carmen Miranda Humphreys, in hope that this namesake will bring as many happy memories as their girl did.